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Guitar Tricks

Guitar tricks provides very good online Guitar courses with plenty of useful resources.

#Berry teaching some #guitar tricks

#Berry teaching some #guitar tricks (Photo credit: Alex Jilitsky)


Guitar Tricks Core Learning System

Guitar Tricks Core Learning System® is a revolutionary step by step program for beginner to intermediate students. It is 1500 lessons, all interlinked step by step that start from “how do I hold a pick” and end with advanced intermediate lead guitar. Core Learning System is the result of 7 years of continuous development and improvement. It is one of the most comprehensive guitar lesson systems available today.

Guitar Tricks 300 Popular Songs

Beginner and intermediate guitarists cite learning songs are among their #1 goal for playing guitar. Guitar Tricks has amassed a library of over 300 popular songs, including hits like Hotel California, Sweet Home Alabama, Wind Cries Mary and more. No other online lesson provider can match this catalog. Guitar Tricks teaches all songs in a proprietary system that ensures that advanced students and beginners alike can quickly learn to play their favourite hits. And since Guitar Tricks songs are fully licensed by the publisher, there is no legal risk to the student.

Guitar Tricks Teaching System

Guitar Tricks is a Level 3 guitar lesson provider. Level 1 is providing lessons, Level 2 is providing the most lessons, Level 3 is providing the best lessons. The goal of the course is to provide the absolute best guitar lessons ever recorded. Literally ever. They care very deeply about their teaching approach. They continually question their methods and build a “best practices” guide to guitar education. The curriculum is managed by a central group of editors, who review and re-review every lesson to ensure that they continually improve.


If you want to learn guitar consider Guitar Tricks as one of your best options because:

  • Guitar Tricks is available online on your computer, as you travel on your mobile phone or tablet and on your TV with the new Blues Learning System DVD set
  • Guitar Tricks is an internationally recognized leader in online education. So it is no surprise that Guitar Tricks has won a number of prestigious awards, including the International Academy of Visual Arts W3 Award for Excellence in Web Video Education, the Davey Award for Excellence in Instructional Video and the Player’s Choice Award from Acoustic Guitar Magazine.
  • Guitar Tricks is focused on teaching guitar and only guitar.
  • Guitar Tricks is the only major online guitar lesson provider that is run by guitarists.
  • 97.8% of survey respondents report they would recommend Guitar Tricks to friends and family
  • 80.0% of respondents report learning faster with Guitar Tricks than with other learning methods
  • On average, users reported their skill improving (on a scale of 1 to 10) from 3 to 5 (a 40% increase) after subscribing to Guitar Tricks

If you want to learn more about Guitar Tricks, just visit the following pages:


==> Guitar Tricks Homepage

==> Free Guitar Lessons Page

==> 14 Days Standard Trial Page

==> Trial  from acoustic instructor Lisa McCormick

==> Songs Page

==> The DVD Store.



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