Can You Learn Guitar in 21 Minutes?

Learn Guitar in 21 Minutes

It seems impossible, but that’ s the promise of the leading London Rock Guitarist Richie Hudson.

I received recently an email by Tyler Richards.that invited me to visit again the Learn Guitar in 21 minutes program that I had reviewed in a previous article.

So who is Tyler Richards? …well I’m the Computer Software geek with the long hair trying to get Richie to “spill the beans” on easy ways to Play Guitar…

Learn Guitar in 21 Minutes

Tyler Richards actually met Richie in Las Vegas USA, and had to practically slap him silly to get him to reveal his secrets on camera, then fly to London for some Studio time.


So Who Is Richie Hudson Anyway?


Well you could say he has been there, done that, AND bought the t-shirt!

He has had top ten singles, toured the world, headlined huge festivals in Europe and The Far East plus played session guitar for hugely successful artists from TV shows like Pop Idol / American Idol, The X Factor / Fame Academy and so I guess he figured it was about time he gave something back.

Here’s a few photos of the few successful bands Richie has played in…


But To Make a Long Story Short…
Here’s What Richie’s Been Doing In The Past 17 Years!


Rocking Out On Stage With Multiple Bands At Countless Gigs…




Picking up Guitar Tricks and On-Stage Band Guitar Secrets…




…plus many more bands, gigs and Live Guitar Experience
        to mention that will fit on this page!




You can see Richie below playing in London in 2009

Why am I telling you this?

I want you to know, Richie knows what he’s doing when it comes to Playing Guitar on Stage and using the Quick Guitar Tricks that are fast and still sound awesome.

Richie is Willing To Share His Covert

Methods and Guitar Playing Techniques With YOU!


What would that be worth?


What you need to know about Richie…

  • He won’t tell you what you want to hear, he will show you real techniques based real experience.
  • He doesn’t believe in THEORY he believe’s in reality and actual results.
  • Many times he goes against popular opinion, because many times it’s WRONG.
  • If he hasn’t done it personally and proven it, he won’t teach it to you.
  • He only teaches you the techniques he personally uses in his Own Band or on Stage with other bands.

It Was YOU Who Told Me Exactly

How You Want to Learn Guitar


Not too long ago, we created and launched a seven part Guitar Secrets eCourse, which details the basics around playing the guitar… and then we gave it away for free!! But during this launch we also collected a ton of feedback about what and how people really want to learn guitar. And this is something that is embodied in the philosophy of LG21M (Learn Guitar In 21 Minutes) – get actual feedback from your students to evolve, change and improve the teaching!

Wow what a concept! 😉

But, it gets even better!

Introducing… the Learn Guitar In 21 Minutes System…

Here are Just Some
of the AMAZING Features You Will Receive

(AND Join Probably the Easiest and Most Exciting Guitar Training Site on the Web)

21 Guitar Video Lessons with Richie Hudson: You’ll be amazed at how short and concise these lessons are… no long winded stuff here, just straight to the point – Richie teaches and you copy, its that easy.
How to Read Guitar Tablature: Tab is the most popular and easy way to read Guitar music. Have you ever wondered how to read guitar Tab properly, and read it fast? The LG21M System contains Guitar Tab reading explainations that anyone can learn.
Lessons are Easily Accessed in Step-by-Step Format: When your learning Guitar you need a simple way to learn step by step, but learn and then do – the doing part (actually playing yourself) is what LG21M is all about.
Supplemental Instructions: Pictures of chords, tabs and guides accompany lessons for optimal learning.
How To Tune Your Guitar: How to tune your guitar with or without a tuner. Learn 3 methods for guitar tuning in the supplemental eBooks, that will help you depending on the situation you need for guitar tuning.
What The Notes Are: Learn the notes easily and how to find them anywhere on the Guitar.
Must-Know Guitar Chords: Learn how to play the chords that make up 95% of all popular music.
Strumming Patterns: Learn to put some style and feeling into your music with rhythmic strumming.
Barre Chords: Learn to play chords in any area of the guitar neck and learn how this will help you be able to figure out any song you want in way less time.
Future Feature #1*: Make Money with your guitar playing! Learn how to sell your recordings, teach guitar, play performances and get paid for all of it!
Future Feature #2*: Learn how to book gigs/shows and build a following. Get signed to a major record label and tour the world!
Future Feature #3*: Record albums: Recruit a great drummer to record an album with. Learn where to find great drummers and connect with other musicians just like you.

* What are Future Features?: When you purchase LG21M Access today, you’ll get access to future updates inside the VIP section in the backend, at no extra cost. And these 3 features are only a small taste of what’s coming.


The real question is…

Tell Me… Who Do You Trust When It Comes To
Learning To Play The Guitar?


Richie has one of the most solid track records in Learning and Teaching Guitar Fast by using trade secret tricks to learn fast.

He has been playing guitar since 1987, and never had a lesson from a so-called “professional teacher”. What he has done is learnt from the ground up DIY style picking up little tricks here and there from going to THOUSANDS of gigs and studying hundreds of guitar players live on stage, on the TV and online video footage.

Let me ask you a Question…

What do Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page,
Eddie Van Halen, Prince, BB King,
George Harrison, Paul McCartney, all have in common?

ANSWER: They all learned to play Guitar without having to know Guitar music theory first, and basically learned by picking up tricks and shortcuts. They just started actually playing alot, playing with a passion, and learning fast by listening to their favourite guitar players and learning the tricks and short-cuts from friends or other bands members.

Now, Richie doesn’t claim to be the best guitarist in the world, we’ll leave that to Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and all the other “widdlers”, but he can pick up any guitar, electric, acoustic, bass or lead and hammer out AWESOME tracks and licks that WOW everybody in the room.

This is not hype, this is FACT.


If you enroll in the course you will receive also many high value bonuses (see the details on the Learn Guitar in 21 minutes website).

Moreover you will have a full 60 days money back guarantee. If you are not happy, you can request a refund; so you have nothing to lose.

If you are interested just click the link below:

==> Learn Guitar in 21 Minutes

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