What are some great acoustic guitar songs to play?

Lately me and my aunt have been jamming now and then with our guitars, and she's just now learning so she's still a beginner. I've been playing for two years now. I want to find some tabs for some great acoustic songs for us to play that will be easy for her and still fun for me. know any really awesome songs we could try? Links to tabs and stuff would be awesome.

stairway to heaven

Hose of the rising sun

paint it black by the rolling stones

every rose has it's thorn

I like to play Hollow by Godsmack, Hate Me by Blue October, outside by Staind, Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns.

Also, you can use www.ultimate-guitar.com to get acoustic chords for any song imaginable.

sweeet home alabama, you could play main riff and she could play chords. ultimate-guitar.com will have all the tabs you need

Hey Jude is a fantastic song to play. my sister learned to do it herself and she is a beginner. It's also just a great song:)

Tears don't fall (Acoustic)
Bullet for my Valentine.
I don't know how hard it actually is but it sounds alot easier than the original version 😉 lol

You can actually play almost anything you want acoustic. But you can find tabs here on this website: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/
Just search the band/singer or song you want and you'll have your tabs. =]. i would say a good song to play acoustic is my heroine by silverstein though.

POD – Tell Me Why
it's great acoustic song

this is the lyric link:

and this is the chord link:

and the video link:

hope i help..
you should try it 🙂

What are some great acoustic guitar songs to play?

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  1. I agree with sweeet home alabama being a good song to learn on the acoustic guitar. In fact, a lot of lynyrd skynyrd songs are good for the acoustic guitar. The Beatles are another group good for learning songs on acoustic guitar. Listen to the radio or your CDs and if you hear something you’d like to learn, just do a search on Google for the guitar tabs for it.

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