Ways to improve your Guitar Picking Speed

You can develop a fast picking speed on guitar, if you have fully functioning limbs and a desire to succeed. But the speed alone will not give great music, having the ability to play a little faster always make it easier to play a little slower. Here we have given some speed improvement tips for you to build more speed on the guitar.

Make Speed Your Goal:

If you want to play the guitar faster, then you must make that as an explicit goal. to get best results in increasing your speed, work with techniques and songs you know already. Set speed goals for them and track them.

Practice every Day:

To move quickly around the fingerboard your fingers should be used with it. Daily practice is the best way to achieve this, so if you are not practicing every day then better start that from today.

Slow practice:

More speed results from better accuracy and the wonderful way to ensure your finger movements are accurate is to practice slowly.

Reduce Finger Movement:

For fast playing the guitar, you must reduce the amount of movement your fingers make. Use slow practice to analyze each chord change, scale or lick and try to figure out how to play the same thing while moving your fingers less.

Let your mind ramble:

Sometimes, so much of concentration on your own playing might be a barrier to faster playing. If you concentrate more on your every movement you make your muscles move less fluidly and your overall playing will be slower. So let your mind wander when you practice and give your autopilot a chance to take control. you can develop this ability by practicing with distractions, just turn on the TV, chat with someone, or go and practice out doors in a place where there’s plenty to watch.

Film your fingers:

An effective way to analyze your finger movements is to film yourself. Fix a camera focused closely on your fingering and when you review that, you can easily notice your problems, which you didn’t notice while you play.

Get the Right Tools:

Right tool makes any job easier. Make sure to have at least one of the following tools to improve your guitar speed: metronome, jam tracks, sampler/looper, slow-down software, Guitar Pro, guitar speed trainer software, guitar speed training program.

These are some effective ways to improve your guitar speed. If you’re really serious about playing faster, then follow the above techniques in your daily guitar practice session.

Ways to improve your Guitar Picking Speed

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