The Fastest Tips on Learning How To Play Guitar Online

By: Ewen Chia

It will be many aspiring guitarists dream to be able to play lead guitar but unfortunately it only few of them that have the speed and playing efficiency required to take up such major role. Speed and accuracy are two vital ingredients that any guitar player should be conversant with.

No guitarist will ever be able to plat very fast without playing accurately because accuracy in the guitar world is the by-product of speed. There is absolutely no way anybody can play guitar without precision and expects to be fast. The two hands have to be perfectly working together in co-coordinated sequence for true playing speed to be achieved.

If you really want to play guitar fast, you have to slow down and learn! We all enjoy the music playing on CDs or radios but, many don’t realize is that such music is the end products of many tedious rehearsal sessions. There are some brick walls that guitarists meet while trying to play as fast as they would have loved to. Read down carefully and believe me, you will play faster after digesting this article.

1.    Ensure that you use the thick guitar pick. Using the slim pick will be hazardous to your learning curves.

2.    It is advisable to use only medium to heavy set of strings. I personally recommend .012 as the first through .052 as the sixth string. It has been noticed that narrow gauge strings don’t give enough resistance to develop the left hand strength. Majority of the guitars come with between .009 and .042 or .010 and .046 gauge strings, so you may have to get specially designed string for practice purposes.

3.    Make sure that you set up your action between medium and high. Get higher till all the buzzes are eliminated.

4.    You should be able to warm up you playing fingers slowly. Your body adapts to different activities and environment so expect your fingers to gradually adopt too. Simply slowly play notes all over the fingerboard slowly.

5.    Make use of metronome. Aim to play a steady stream of eight notes at a metronome that will be 60. Just be patient and keep doing the right things.

6.    You can start practicing on playing steady stream of eight note triplets separately. You should start this immediately you have achieved a metronome tempo of 120 with you eight notes.

7.    Start combining eight one triplets and eight notes the moment your eight note triplet practice tempo reaches metronome setting of 180. Make sure that your practice sessions are started slowly then gradually push up the speed.

8.    This is the time to add hammer and pull off to boost your speed.

Music has no limit and there is nobody that can claim to be the very best so adopt these tips to your plays today and have your confidence boosted too. The music and the confidence you have would complete the job for you while you have maximum fun playing guitar.

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