learning the guitar – Learn Electric Guitar Lesson ? How To Create Melodies And Riffs To Your Guitar Playing

Hi there dudes! We’re here at Learn electric guitar lesson. Now we’re going to discuss how to create melodies and riffs on your guitar playing. Guitar playing is not just picking your guitar string. you have to think that it is just an instrument and you are a musician and as a musician our main goal here is to create music. a music that makes it sounds good to your listener. Learn this electric guitar lesson and it will definitely add on your guitar playing.

Phrasing is just like you are delivering a speech. you know when to pause or raising your voice and to soften it. In guitar playing it is just the same. It’s all about the feelings and emotions.  How you communicate to your audience and how you deliver your message to them. and that’s what guitar playing is all about.

Create melodies and riffs

When playing the scales in ascending and descending order For example, pick three notes over the scale and play it twice in triplets and then move over into the next notes. you can also use hammer on and pull off. be creative and learn new rhythmic pattern within the scale. this will make the scale more interesting and it will add a great motivation to your playing.

Try to make some melodies whenever you play chord progression. Try to include slides hammer on and pull offs. The three low strings E, a and D are great for creating heavy riffs. Don’t forget to include palm muting. Use alternate picking whenever possible because it’s really great when you combined down picking with alternate picking. Combining it with an open string and power chords will definitely kill.

e—————————————————————————— B——————————————————————————- G——————————————————————————  D——————————————————————————              A——————————————7—-9—10—-7—9—10—— E——7—-8—-10—-7—-8—-10—————————————

e—————————————————————————— B—————————————————————————— G——————————————9—11—12—11—12—14— D—-9—10—12—-9—10—12—————————————— A——————————————————————————- E——————————————————————————-

e——————————————12—-14—-15—-12—-14—-15– B—-12—13—15—12—13—15——————————————– G———————————————————————————– D———————————————————————————– A———————————————————————————– E————————————————————————————

e———————————————————————— B———————————————————————— G———————————————————————— D———————————————————————— A———————————2—-4––5—-2—-4-–5——-  E—-0—5—3—0—3—2—-0—-2––3—-0—-2-–3—-—

e———————————————————————— B———————————————————————— G———————————————————————— D———————————————————————— A——-2—5––4—————————————————  E——-0—-3––2—0—-2b—————————————

These are just examples to give some ideas. Now it’s your turn to create your own melodies and riff.

That’s all dude! start practicing and burn the fretbord. Have fun while learning electric guitar lesson. It’s our golden rule here!

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learning the guitar – Learn Electric Guitar Lesson ? How To Create Melodies And Riffs To Your Guitar Playing

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