Learn to Play Guitar: Secrets Revealed by Nazriel Ilham

I really don’t understand why youngsters are so keen to learn to play guitar. Well if you are one among those youngsters then you might know the answer. I have asked this question to many of those who are either in the process of learning or are regularly beseeching with their deepest wish for this popular art.

Perhaps the only thing that motivates all to learn to play guitar is the presumed simplicity of its learning. And perhaps that notion develops from the popular bands of our world. Or maybe unlike any other instrument this is the only instrument that can be played with bravura of youngness. But let me alert you, that becoming a guitarist is not just stretching a hand and scratching your tummy with the other. It requires the same amount of devotion as in becoming a pianist or a violinist or a saxophonist etc. However “The taste of the pudding is in the eating” so you can proceed if you doubt my advice. You might be thinking that, who possesses the correct personality to become a guitarist.

Well, this is a simple test for anyone—ask yourself this question “why do I want to learn to play guitar, is it because I am tempted by the modern guitarists and their fashions or I am tempted by the sound of this instrument in particular and music as a whole?”; if you are among the latter group then you can expect yourself in the list of the most famous guitarists of this world with some efforts. But if you are among the former then you must know that scratching those strings will produce such an awful sound that you can hardly bear it yourself.

However at the beginning you must acquaint yourself with the basic skills, like getting a proper grip of the notes and chords. Also one must familiarize with strumming and rhythm patterns. Once you are quite easy with this basics move on to forming songs with these skills. In order to learn to play guitar in an effective manner, the instrument has to be played in several musical styles like the rock, country and the blues. All this are formed from those little droplets that are the basics. Only after you fully master all these, you can move towards becoming an advanced guitarist. However if you are a wrong person in the wrong trade then you will not have the patience to reach up to this height. However according to Bernard Shaw any one can become anything with a good training, just like a flower girl in his famous drama Pygmalion ended up as a duchess. However if you are just willing to learn to play guitar because you are a fan of guitarist then you must remember the words ofBernard Shaw—“Imitation makes things ridiculous”

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  1. The real secret if you want to learn to play the guitar is practice, dedication, and even more practice.

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