Hollywood Composer Writes Guitar Method That Reinvents the Way You Learn to Play Guitar

Topanga, CA (PRWEB) September 21, 2010

Veteran Hollywood composer, producer, and master guitarist James McVay has written a groundbreaking new book called The Right Brain Guitar Method, designed to reinvent the way people learn to play guitar. Drawing from his 40 years as a professional guitarist and 24 years as a movie and television composer, McVay’s unique method is designed to teach you to play masterfully in all styles without having to read music notation.

The right brain method focusses on recognizing shapes and patterns both on the guitar and within music itself. The book comes with a built-in stand and a pull out reference section describing the 52 concepts and techniques taught in this book. Each of these 52 concepts and techniques is broken down into 7 short, pre-scribed lessons so you don’t have to figure out how much to learn at one time. This book is packed with dozens of essential techniques like fingerpicking, flatpicking, soloing, chord knowledge, and many many more. There are lots of unique and innovative concepts that James has come up with as well. Interestingly, the last chapter in the book is called “Oh Come On Just Try It” where you learn how to read music on the guitar but by that time you understand how music works so completely that reading the notation seems rather easy.

“Reading notation is only one way of learning to play a song and doesn’t necessarily teach you how music works” says James. He goes on “reading music is a linear operation which involves analyzing dots on lines and spaces (left brain) however the guitar is anything BUT linear. It would be like having six piano keyboards overlapping each other at different intervals and trying to play a chord with only 1 note per keyboard. Throw in the fact that most guitarists these days are playing with alternate tunings and the idea of trying to read notation becomes practically impossible. Considering that there are tens of millions of people out there who can play guitar but don’t read music notation indicates that there is a disconnect there which needs to be addressed and that’s what this book does”.

Anyone who wants to learn to play guitar from the beginner to the seasoned professional will find lots of valuable information in this unique guitar method. The book is backed up by a website that explains the how and why this method works as well as examples of a few of the chapters and a list and description of all the chapters. There is a blog page where James shares fascinating tidbits about the role music played in man’s evolution and the current neurological aspects of this human obsession of participating in music. There will soon be support video clips for all the lessons on the website.

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