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Adam Summers | April 7, 2010 |

You might have noticed that the Internet is saturated with tabs for guitar songs, it’s almost like a guitarist’s paradise…


The problem is that 99% of tabs online are people’s own interpretations of the songs, and it’s usually a “close enough” type approach to learning a song. Read on to find the best source of guitar tabs online.

To get guitar tabs that are the real deal it takes real effort and real time to transcribe the songs, and even when a band has all the material ready to release it has to go through Lawyers, Publishers and Record Labels before it gets released… all this adds up to expensive tabs if you want the real thing.

So instead of relying on just one persons interpretation to a song it’s much better to find tabs that have been put up in community websites so that they can be collectively worked on and improved.

One of the finest examples of this is the Ultimate Guitar community, they give you a list of guitar tabs by artist, and then revisions and ratings for each song.

The higher the rating and the more reviewers generally means the tab is more accurate. I personally think this is the best way forward in terms of getting “close enough” guitar tabs.

Check out Ultimate Guitar to find guitar tabs for your favorite songs.

But, what if you’d like to find sheet music?

Ok, there’s something that’s possibly even better for finding sheet music online. But that’s probably because it’s backed by a company that profits from the actual use of their website, and not just from the advertising…

Check out Music Notes to find sheet music for your favorite guitar songs.

I honestly haven’t been able to find a decent database for sheet music like the one for guitar tabs. If you know of any great links post them in the comments section for others

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