Effective Ways of Learning Guitar

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Effective Ways of Learning Guitar

Ways of Learning Guitar

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Learning the guitar is a lifelong journey that many begin and few finish. People master the guitar through a huge variety of means. Among these, there are certain habits and paths that budding guitarists can take to quicken this long and arduous journey. Here are 3 very effective ways to increased learning.

The first way is to have interest and great passion in guitar playing. Love is an engine. Most of us would climb mountains just to see a single smile from the girl or guy of our dreams. Passion and undying interest are keys to success in any venture you take. And it’s no different when it comes to the art of guitar playing. When someone has passion for the instrument, the learning process becomes enjoyable and way easier. Passion propels us to spend time and effort and we all know that practice makes perfect.

There were two guys, John and Adam. John picked up the guitar because his father wanted him to learn a new skill. He was forced to attend guitar lessons and although he did practice diligently, his involvement with guitar playing was motivated by a sense of duty rather than actual passion. He gave it up after he was free to choose for himself.

Adam, however, was different, since young he had always wanted to play the guitar. He had seen Santana live and was awe struck by the whole performance. His passion drove him. He willingly put in the effort and time to practice and in just a few years, he became a highly sought after guitarist. You got to love what you do.

Another effective way is by having good listening skills. For one to be able to play an instrument well, it is imperative to have a good ear for music. This includes an appreciation for the different styles out there and the ability to recognise the sound of a guitar. If you have this, it’ll be way easier for you to understand the wide range of tunes, melodies and rhythms that have enraptured our society for so long. Having a good ear will also enable you to be creative as you get to hear the many different ways of playing the same instrument.

Having good listening skills is especially important when you’re just starting out. It’ll boost the process because you are constantly on the audio “lookout” for a better way to play. Good listening skills are also required when you’re playing with a band or with other people in general. It’ll help you get used to sudden changes in tune or tempo and adapt to people’s unique styles and musical idiosyncrasies.

Lastly and by far the most essential, is to practise hard. After all that’s said and done, you can never get good if you do not get down and actually do the work. For someone to become a great guitarist, one has to put in countless hours of practice, practice and more practice. Even if you’re some natural born guitar god, you’ll need to sit down and play. Even the best guitarist was a newbie at some point. It was only through hours of sweat, blood and tears that they refined their skills to such legendary proportions.

As a parting note, keep this in mind. It is not the most talented or the strongest or the fastest that will succeed. But the one who will never give up.

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