could i learn bass then switch to guitar easily?

Question by cantdoitonmyown: could i learn bass then switch to guitar easily?could i learn bass as a beginner and then adapt the guitar easily ?? or would i have to start all over from lesson one to learn guitar as well??

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Answer by Supa-IncaIf you learn on Bass guitar you will have two or three things in your favour!

1. There are not as many Bass players as guitarists so you have a job getting advantage,2. Handling Bass will strengthen and develop the muscles for the step to six string guitar.3. Make sure you learn to read Bass Clef music. It is much much simpler than guitar music both to learn and read as much is single note playing and not chords.4. you will develop and instil a good feel for the all important “beat” to be applied to playing upon which all musicians depend to lock on to while playing.5. you will play with others who are already adept at the guitar which you want to move onto and in this time you will pick up much learning info from them which you would otherwise miss out on,

I say go for it ………but be serious about your commitment if you really want to get anywhere with it!

Look in you local music shop for the latest DVD tutors available. you have access to so much learning material that in the old days we never had and everything was learned with much more difficulty.

Good Luck and happy playing!

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Bass Guitar Lessons

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could i learn bass then switch to guitar easily?

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