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Well it is possible but there are 2 sets of skills you have to master. Best Way To Learn Guitar OnlineOne is learning technique and the other is learning how to play over a chord progression. Other than that, there is no way around it.

The first step to learn lead guitar without scales is to be familiar with techniques. What are they? It encompasses all skills necessary for guitar solo performance. When we talk about technique, we are basically referring to skills like string bend, bend/release, natural harmonic, pinch harmonic, hammer-on, pull off, picking, right hand tapping, two handed tapping, tremolo picking, sweep picking, slide, vibrato, palm muting and others. These are basic skills which you can easily pick up by reading information online.

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Another set of skills you have to learn is how to play over a chord progression. This is where many beginners go awfully wrong. They are often not shown the proper way to progress over chords. While they know how to use the right notes, they do not really know about progression. Playing each scale up and down repeatedly is definitely not considered as a “solo” act.

It all boils down to the music theory that beginners are taught. There is always a misperception that scales and chords are 2 entirely different entities. That is a huge myth! The answer to “how can one play over a chord progression” lies in simply playing the notes in the chord. Melodic solos consist of steps (not the entire scale) and leaps (skipping steps). Having a good understanding of this will make it clear why you can learn lead guitar without scales at all.

Now when you play chord tones through a progression, you will pick a tone for each and then decorate it by playing before and after. In this way, the lines are connected. As for non-chord tones, play it in a CAGED design or shape. Basically, all major scales can be easily broken down into 5 shapes on the fretboard. This lets you visualize better and able to perform the notes around tones.

As a start, you may want to play the root notes of a chord progression, followed by thirds and fifths. A good mix of tones which are blended with notes will set the stage for a cool melodic solo. Now you are in a better shape to play lead guitar without scales!

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