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Learning Guitar

Learning Guitar with GuitarSuccess.com

40 “Core” Guitar Lessons For Beginner To Advanced

This is the nuts and bolts stuff you absolutely need to know to learn how to play. There’s just no escaping the core bedrock of playing well.

But it ain’t boring! In fact, it’s downright fun as your learning starts to translate into your fingers pumping out songs as easily as you breathe. I’ll teach you…

The essential techniques you must know if you ever want to play like a pro (lots of beginners skip these, and it shows)

My foolproof, easy exercises for warming up so your fingers can glide like lightning when it’s showtime

Chords used in hundreds of songs, meaning you’ll know the “core” playing material for pretty much anything

How to play chord progressions and strum beyond the average player’s “up and down”

Music theory that won’t put you to sleep (yes, reading music is easy and fun, I promise)

The coolest rhythm and soloing techniques — these are the ones that will leave people gasping in awe when you play

Power chords in a way you’ve never known them

Secrets for using Barre Chords, picking and plentatonic scales so you can sound like a pro almost literally overnight

Essential information for playing the Blues and Jazz (most people think it’s hard, but I’ll make it easy for you)

Playing arpeggios to dramatically increase your playing ability

Alternate tunings that’ll make your guitar sound beautiful enough to make you cry

Unique guitar tricks you won’t learn anywhere else, like The Motorcycle, vibrato behind the nut, whistling and “flirting”, the Train Technique, and more

Advanced soloing techniques, scales, licks and ideas for sounding like you can play anything…because you can!

Rare methods for soloing that even many pros don’t know…or don’t have the guts to play in public

How to play ANY song by ear (yes, you can do it, and it’s not hard at all!)

And I’ll also give you 101 Tips On Improvisation & Soloing.

It’s is an extremely rare collection of tips and ideas I’ve compiled over a period of two years.

This is a feast of amazing soloing techniques you won’t find conveniently collected like this anywhere else.

These techniques will make it sound like you were born with a guitar in your hand!

The video was originally published on the Learn Guitar Online blog

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