Beginner Guitar Lesson: Barre Chords

Beginner Guitar Lesson

Beginner Guitar Lesson.

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I found some good lessons online from GuitarPlayerU blog and I have copied below the first lesson on barre chords for your convenience.

According to Wikipedia In music, a barre chord (also known as bar chord or rarely barr chord) is a type of guitar chord, where one or more fingers are used to press down multiple strings across the guitar fingerboard (like a bar pressing down the strings), enabling the guitarist to play a chord not restricted by the tones of the guitar’s open strings. Barre chords are often referred to as “moveable” chords[1], as the whole hand may easily be moved up and down the neck, “in one movement”

According to the website you begin with simple chords without strumming, then you will require practice and dedicated practice



Beginner Guitar Lesson: Barre Chords

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If you press the +1 button above you can watch also a Country Guitar lesson


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