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Can You Learn Guitar From A Book?

One of the most time-honored ways that people get started when learning the guitar is to buy a “primer” – a book which explains, often using pictures, how to learn the correct fingering techniques to get a tuneful sound from a guitar. There is certainly a benefit to being ready to learn from such a […] Read more

You Won’t Sound Like That To Start With

There are, it cannot be denied, some guitarists whose talent is so clear and so pure that simply listening to what they create makes you want to applaud. Some riffs are so amazing that they make you want to sing, or dance, or jump about the room like a moron, and some songs which would […] Read more

Some Great Guitar Licks You Can Learn Today

When improvising it’s much easier to use licks that you’ve practiced rather than starting from scratch every time. A great way to add them into your practice routine is to find out which key they’re in, run through a few scale warm-ups, put on your metronome and make a start Read more

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

The first time you pick up a guitar and try to play it, you will probably not get very far beyond strumming the strings a couple of times and getting a noise that is on the very far outside wing of what is considered “music”. It’s the same for most guitarists first time around, no […] Read more

Finding A Guitar Teacher The Easy Way

Everyone who loves guitar-based music thinks, however briefly, about how wonderful it would be to be able to make that music themselves. Some of us give up at an early stage, convinced that, like particle physics and fine art, the guitar is one of those things you can either do or you cannot. For those […] Read more

Would You Rather Be Good Or Famous?

There is an old parable which relates to humility and goes along the following lines. A training musician is visited by a magic genie who says he can give him a choice between two wishes. He can make him incredibly talented at playing his guitar but unsuccessful commercially, or incredibly successful without having any talent. […] Read more

Smashing Your Guitar – Wait Until You’ve Got A Few

One of the things that any self-respecting rock god must have done a few times in their life is one of the daftest things a musician can do – but apparently irresistible nonetheless. When you finish playing a set, you raise your guitar above your head, strike a pose and then smash the instrument against […] Read more

The Creative Urge – When It Strikes, You Cannot Ignore It

There can be very few men in the world who will not admit – no matter how long it takes them – to having at some time in the past (many of them in the past half an hour if they are honest) standing in front of a mirror playing air guitar. Some will admit, […] Read more

Selling Out – The Accusations You’ll Need To Prepare For

The world of music can be a pretty nasty place when you start. Whatever people might say about it being tough and lonely at the top, what do you think Bono says to a bad review? Do you think Chris Martin or Jack White feel particularly slighted when people criticise their voices? No, they have […] Read more

Has It All Been Done Already?

There is a broad school of opinion that holds most of the music on the market today to be derivative, copied from famous acts of the past, not creative enough. When a new band pops up and becomes popular, there always seems to be a caveat attached by the sage music experts. “The Strokes? They’re […] Read more