The Banjo Time Project – An Online Video Banjo Course

An Online Video Banjo Course

The Banjo Time Project is growing stronger and soon you will have the possibility to access An Easy-To-Follow Modular Online Video Banjo Course.

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The authors of the Video Banjo Course are Lisa McCormick and Tellman Knudson, otherwise known as a banjo teacher and her Worst Student Ever. (Seriously). They live in Brattleboro, Vermont. Yes, the middle of Nowhere.  And they are creating a BANJO album with YOU,  Here’s how it happened…

The Community Banjo Album came into being in the middle of winter, during their weekly lessons, as Lisa was trying against all odds to teach Tellman (a.k.a. the Worst Student Ever) to play the banjo.

Out of desperation, Lisa created a very simple chord progression for Tellman to practice…and it worked like magic! He progressed at a rapid rate, and just 6 months later (now) he can actually play a song, and if I do say so myself, it sounds great!

It’s all because of this “modular style” of teaching that Lisa developed and this  magical chord progression…

And they started talking about what would happen if they had put this chord progression out there in the world for anyone to use and make their own version of, on and on forever, what kinds of amazing pieces of music would be created over time and…

And the idea for The Ultimate Banjo Album of All Time was born!

The-Ultimate-Banjo-Album-Of-All-Time is an album that we haven’t recorded yet – because YOU are the Star!

They are looking for people just like you to record YOUR cool, personalized version of the Super-Simple Chord Progression Lisa taught Tellman,

You can read more about this project and how you can send it to them from The Banjo Time Project , and they will put it on the first album. Not only will your friends and family be SO proud (“look ma!”) but it’s a great way to get your name out there as a musician if you’re not already a Lady Gaga of the banjo.

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