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Happy Waila Music

I found an interesting article on Waila Music in the website and I copy it below for your convenience. O’odham’s waila music passed down through generations When Ron Joaquin was a child, his father, Angelo Joaquin Sr., used to take his 12 children to all-night dances in the villages where the Joaquin Brothers Read more
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The First-Time Guitarist’s Shopping List

If you want to become a musician for fun, for profit or for any other reason, there is no escaping the fact that a little bit of money will need to be spent. Time and money are just two of the investments you will need to make to do it properly, and it is fairly […] Read more

So You Want To Be A Guitarist?

One thing that is familiar among music fans is the tendency to psychoanalyse band members based on the instruments they play. The singer in a band is considered the narcissistic one, who craves attention. The bassist is seen as the quiet, unassuming one who will only be noticed if they are not there. The drummer […] Read more

Guitar Heroes From The Pre-Digital Age

One of the most popular video games of recent years, without a doubt, would have to be the Guitar Hero series. Considering the huge crossover potential between rock music and video games it is only a surprise that it has taken this long – with games in the series now devoted to bands such as […] Read more

Learning Guitar Online Is Right Way And Shortcut To Save Money.

The secrets of learning guitar are mostly base on the foundation.To have a good foundation for future success,we need three important factors :- 1.Listening: Ear training is a MUST basic training that every guitar learner should have. But most of them avoid this as quite a boring and time-consuming job. Without a good listening, we […] Read more

Anyone Can Play Guitar

Before they became one of the most famous bands in the world, Radiohead had a debut album called “Pablo Honey”. As well as the multi-million selling single “Creep”, the album featured a song called “Anyone Can Play Guitar” – something that a lot of frustrated musicians have since found to be slightly inaccurate. Much as […] Read more

Free Guitar Lessons Online

I found some free guitar lessons online from the How To Play Guitar Online website and I have copied below the First Guitar Lesson and a few other ones for your convenience. How To Play Guitar (For Beginners Lesson 1) Everybody wants to play the guitar; it is fun, artistic and not bad for social […] Read more

Why You Should Learn to Transcribe Your Favorite Songs on Guitar

How many times have you listened to a song and thought “If only I could create music like that”. It happens all the time and we go searching for answers only to be told you must practice the guitar every day and do all these practice routines so you get better and THEN you’ll be able to create music like that. Read more

Learning Guitar Chords – Top 10 Mistakes

Learning guitar chords is one of the most frustrating times for new guitarists. Your fingers are new to the fretboard and the strings, just getting the correct fingers into the correct position can be a chore, but I can assure you all the effort, cursing and determination is worth it. Take a look at what I’ve learned from my students who Read more

Now You Can Take Classical Guitar Lessons And Learn A Brief History Of The Guitar

Musicians appreciate a great deal with regards to their own personal instruments-techniques, chords, favorite songs etcetera. However just what a lot of guitar players Read more