Selling Out – The Accusations You’ll Need To Prepare For

The world of music can be a pretty nasty place when you start. Whatever people might say about it being tough and lonely at the top, what do you think Bono says to a bad review? Do you think Chris Martin or Jack White feel particularly slighted when people criticise their voices? No, they have got the toughest bit out of the way because from starting out to the point where you begin to have even modest success, there will be people ready and willing to try and make you feel like giving up. This is when you have to stick at it, because it will make future criticism much easier to bear.

When you first book a gig, unless it is a one-song set at an open mic night (because two songs would be showing off), people will accuse you of selling out. Even if the gig was played for free, the mere act of playing in front of people is a sin in some eyes. If you should cut a CD, then you will be accused of losing touch with the fans, even though those same fans will love your CD and want you to do a few MP3s as well. And if you happen to set up a MySpace account for your band, then you are pretty much Satan in some people’s eyes.

When you take up the guitar and form a band, you have only to please yourselves. Take your decisions as a band and get consensus, because what other people say doesn’t matter – but the people in the band do.

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