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I found recently some interesting reviews on the Jamplay guitar lessons and I have decided to summarize the main points.

JamPlay is a guitar membership site that offers high quality video guitar lessons with a variety of instructors. The site hosts a wide variety of content (more than 20,000 minutes worth) and you’ll find all the lessons you need to learn and master the guitar

The other part of what makes JamPlay unique are its social networking features. The site also includes a very active forum, where you can get answers to your questions or just plain hang out. There’s also a daily webcam sessions with a particular JamPlay teacher which allows you to interact with the instructor over streaming video in a group chat environment.

JamPlay Lessons

JamPlay divides its lessons into three phases. as follows:

  • Phase 1: Beginners
  • Phase 2: Genre Teaching
  • Phase 3: Learning Songs

Phase 1 is for beginners while intermediate and advanced guitar learners may want to jump in at Phase 2 and 3. Phase 2 focuses more on specific genres and styles of guitar while Phase 3 is centered around learning to play actual songs.

The Jamplay site offers also many free lessons.

Some examples of lessons are the following:

JamPlay Videos

Each of the video lessons are filmed in HD, so the quality is excellent. Most lessons are around 40 minutes in length and are divided into chapters for easy navigation. If you ever want to repeat any part of a lesson, it is quite easy to move back and forth. The lessons also include useful supplementary material that you can review after each lesson, and there is a place for you keep your own notes to refer to at a future time.

JamPlay Instructors

One unique aspect of the JamPlay site is that the instructors have filmed their own sets of lessons independently. Since everyone’s learning style is different, it is great to have to choice to find a teacher who’s teaching style is compatible with your way of learning. JamPlay has an impressive stable of more than 30 experienced guitar instructors. A few of them have over 30 years of guitar teaching experience so they definitely know how to teach you properly.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many advantages such as the following:

  • Compared to a similar guitar membership site like Guitar Tricks, JamPlay does cost a little more per month ($19.95 to $14.95).  However, the monthly fee is still quite modest, compared to what you would pay for private guitar lessons.
  • You are presented with a variety of instructors. You can check out the biography of each one and watch some sample lessons to decide which person is the best fit for you. You can watch any lesson from any instructor without limitations.
  • The lesson sets are quite flexible.  You are able to pick & choose exactly what you want to learn.

A downside with JamPlay is that you have the be online with a good broadband connection to enjoy the best possible experience. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to download the videos to your computer for offline viewing.


Jamplay is our top choice for online video guitar lessons. Both the quality and quantity of the lesson material is exceptional, their customer support is great and the price is affordable. We recommend that you give them a try and see for yourself!

I invite also to watch the video below with a review of Jamplay :

You can find more information and optionally become a member of the Jamplay website from:


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