Finding A Guitar Teacher The Easy Way

Everyone who loves guitar-based music thinks, however briefly, about how wonderful it would be to be able to make that music themselves. Some of us give up at an early stage, convinced that, like particle physics and fine art, the guitar is one of those things you can either do or you cannot. For those of us with more perseverance, it is then a matter of finding the surest way to become competent in the instrument – a position from which we tend to think that we can teach ourselves the rest of the way to good, and then on to very good, excellent and wherever we go next.

For many of us, this means finding a guitar teacher – someone who has been playing the guitar themselves for years and has cracked the tricky conundrum of being able to teach that which they can do. Being able to play guitar is not the same as being able to teach it, so even if a friend of yours can play like Hendrix, that is no guarantee that he will be able to coax the same magic from you. Not every top-range sportsman goes on to become a coach, after all. So you may have to do some searching to find a good teacher. Well, you know that friend? Why not ask him where he learned to play like that?

It may be that he was self-taught, of course, but even if that is the case there should be plenty of music teachers in your town. Check out some free ad sites on the Internet to see where the good local ones are, and see if some will give the first lesson cheap so that you can build confidence from the first lesson.

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