Various Guitar Types Explained

The Guitar stands to be one of the most definitive of musical instruments in the world today, with various types of guitars, each boasting their own unique sound, ideal for various genres of music.

There are basically four general types of guitars, each ideally played for specific music, or for specific classes of sounds. The types of guitars would include acoustic guitars, twelve string guitars, electric guitars, and bass guitars.

The acoustic guitar stands to be the most “basic” owing its roots from guitar like musical instruments used over 5000 years ago. Basically, acoustic guitars are strummed by musicians playing in a wide range of music genres. The most common of acoustic guitar classes would be the steel stringed and the classical. The steel stringed breed of acoustic guitars are defined to have one sound hole and narrow necks, and use metal strings. Classical guitars appear not much different from steel stringed guitars, only that the necks of classical guitars are much wider, and that they use nylon strings, instead of the steel string class of the steel string guitars.

The twelve string guitar appears no different from the “generic” acoustic guitar look, differing only with the number of strings twelve string guitars are built with, as the standard acoustic guitar has six strings. It is different from double neck guitars, although these types of guitars have twelve strings. Basically, twelve string guitars have the regular six strings, but they also have a second set of six strings, usually set an octave higher, positioned next to each “regular string”.

Electric guitars are among the most profoundly influential of the types of guitars, popularly used by many rock and roll bands. These types of guitars require the use of an amplifier for them to be heard. Acoustic guitars could work with or without amplifiers, while electric guitars require amplifiers for them to work. The archtop line of electric guitars feature hollow bodies, which mean they boast some acoustic resonance, similar to that of acoustic types of guitars. Special sound effects could be made with electric guitars, like distortions, and are often used in heavy metal music.

Bass guitars, when talking about the types of guitars, are guitars with very thick strings, allowing them to play really low notes. There are acoustic and electric types of guitars of this class, but most are electric. They are commonly four string types of guitars, but five and six string versions exist.

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