Top Quality ESP Electric Guitars

Guitars are among the most popular of musical instruments today, commonly used in all genres of music from rock and roll, blues, alternative, flamenco, Latin, heavy metal, hardcore, speed metal, country, jazz, fusion, and even the rising-in-popularity emo.


ESP guitars, one of the many guitar makers in the world, are famous for the quality of guitars which they manufacture. Originally, the ESP Company, Limited was based in Japan, but is now located in North Hollywood, California. ESP is one of the prominent makers of electric guitars and electric bases.


Hisatake Shibuya, in 1975, started a store called Electronic Sound Products in Tokyo. The shop provided custom replacement parts for guitars, and eventually earned ESP the reputation of being the best provider of high-quality replacement parts. Eventually, ESP started making their own guitars, starting with the introduction of the ESP 400 series.


At first, similar to the Ibanez line of guitars at that time, ESP guitars were known for making replicas of the famous Stratocasters and Gibson Explorers class of electric guitars, which eventually changed as the company started to make their own breed of electric guitars.


Kirk Hammet, guitarist for the internationally famous Metallica, is one of the major endorsers of ESP guitars, along with George Lunch who discovered ESP on a Japan trip. With Metallica’s rising popularity, ESP guitars also became popular, as avid ESP user James Hetfiled boasted the ESP EXP.


In 2002 the music industry ranked ESP as the second fastest growing company, and is the guitar brand endorsed by a number of famous guitar players including: Dave Mustaine of Megadeath, Alezi Laiho of Children of Bodom, Adam Darski of Behemoth, Roope Latavala of Children of Bodom, Glader and Silenoz of Dimmu Borgir.


In 2005 ESP celebrated its 30th Year Anniversary, and released the Truckster, the James Hetfield signature series of ESP Guitars.


ESP guitars are simply amazing guitars, with an impressive list of guitar players endorsing them. These endorsements stand as testaments to the impressive quality boasted by ESP Guitars. If you are in the market for a guitar, look no further than ESP.

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