The Path To Self-Destruction: Rock Music, Drugs, and Despair

Rock Stars…we’re fascinated by them as a lot as we idolize Hollywood celebrities. We take heed to their music, buy the CDs, cling their posters on every wall of our room, watch them at MTV, and go to their  concerts. We idolized them so much that we often see them as demi-gods. However beneath all that fame and fortune that the world of rock and roll had given them, many of these rock stars are on the path to self-destruction.

Typically, being a rock star would also imply that they are associated with substance abuse and drug overdose such as the case of Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, amongst others. It is a merry-go-spherical of cash, adulation, traveling, and being in the media. Like different human beings, these demi-gods of rock music are also susceptible to pain and depression.  Medicine and alcohol — two things that get them going,  substances that have been alleged to ease their pains and worries… are the same poisons that would ruin their lives.

Perhaps, we tend to forget that they similar to the rest of us — actual people with real problems. Despite having a number of sexual partners, huge quantities of cash, and popularity… deep down they all want just to be loved. Even famous individuals suffer from loneliness and crave for love within the truest sense of the word. They want to be cherished for who they are surely and never for the well-known persona they’ve created as rock artists. 
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Like Joplin and Morrison, there are other music legends who have been immortalized by their  songs. Kurt Cobain and Ian Curtis, each younger and musically gifted, have been within the peak of their careers after they determined to end their lives.  Cobain and his band Nirvana have been identified for introducing the “grunge sound.”   For his half, Curtis and the remainder of Pleasure Division had left a legacy by way of the track  “Love will Tear Us Apart.” Regardless of the looks of “having it all”, these artists were sad and tortured psychologically and emotionally.  Even with all their exterior success and public acclaim, Cobain shot himself and Curtis dedicated suicide by hanging.

What made them that manner? Self-harmful individuals are aware of their faults. They can be self-crucial of their work and often suppose that they are not adequate, creative sufficient, or smart enough. They can be displeased with their persona or can be burdened by their very own perfectionism. In lots of instances, self-destruction leads to suicide or having suicidal tendencies.

Most who battle with thoughts of suicide and different types of self-destruction usually exhibit some or the entire following habits:

Too much smoking
Being stress out always
Consuming so much
Having a whole lot of informal sex
Not getting enough rest and sleep
Not seeing a physician or ignoring the physician’s orders

Self-damaging people are more focused on the “outer universe and have lost sight of the need to have a sense of internal peace and self-worth.  Unfortunately, for many rock stars like Cobain, their legacy shall be extra about their tragic finish reasonably than about their music.
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