My World – The Debut Of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber My World, was the first release for the Canadian singer and it is considered as part one of his two part debut record. This was launched by Island Records on November 17th, 2009 and the follow up premiered on the 23rd of March, 2010. Justin works with many authors and producers such as, Usher, The Dream, Tricky Stewart, Midi Mafia and many more. Justin Bieber songs are mainly affected by teenage romantic attempts as well as normal coming of age circumstances, but musically this album is affected by pop as well as R&B. When Justin Bieber My World Cover 2.0 was unveiled this did not appear like his last collection.

In contrast to the simple and breezy covers that were noticed on his first sets featuring catchy singles such as One Time as well as One Less Lonely Girl, Bieber went for moody black and white and also gave a serious face for this album cover. However, the album get some really good reviews from critics, as well as peaked at the # 5 position on U.S. Billboard 200 chart, marketing approximately 137,000 copies in the first week.

At the moment, this was the best opening introduction for a new artist during 2009, before his record was topped by I Dreamed a Dream song recorded by Susan Boyle. It also came out as #1 on Canadian Albums Chart and received Gold during one week. My World album was certified Platinum within several weeks in Canada and after that certified as a double platinum during November 2010. Throughout the United States, it took less than one month after its launch to be certified Gold by the RIAA, plus under two months afterwards the album got platinum accreditation in the US, selling over one million copies. This trend went on as in under 30 days of being released in the United Kingdom it ended up being certified Silver and thereafter platinum later in June 2010.

“One Time” was the first single on the album and this was released in July, 2009 and went to reach top 20 throughout 5 countries. After that, the next 3 singles had been launched exclusively for iTunes. “One Less Lonely Girl” was the 2 nd single and this was released in October, 2009 and went on to peak on the top ten charts in Canada; top 15 in the US and later a number of other charts in many countries. “Love Me”, which was the third single was introduced on the 26th of October 2009 and “Favorite Girl”, which was the 4 th single released the following month. The third as well as fourth singles got commercial success throughout Canada, USA as well as later in several other countries.

Justin truly created history on the Billboard before the launch of this album, because he was the first solo artist to possess at least 4 singles appearing on the Hot hundred Top 40 charts. To support this album, Justin went on television as well as radio promotions, Canada tour; opened the Fearless Tour in UK and also headlined his first major tour, all in anticipation of the release of My World 2.0.

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