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What exactly is A Beat Maker? A few Issues You must Know To get You Began!
Should you are getting started within the world of creating music and in particular rap & dance music then it can be really difficult to find a program that will allow you to do this on your computer without you having to be too technical.
The other thing that you must know is that there are a couple of beat makers out there that target people that are new to creating music and because of this they do not give you enough features. For those who ever want to obtain to the point where you can make some money selling your beats, or you just want proper studio sound quality follow these tips to be sure you will get a good program:
1.    The first thing to make sure is that the beat maker you pick will use .wav files as this allows you to retain studio quality and will make a big difference when you go to export.

You will be able to obtain a 44.1 stereo 16 bit master .wav file and that means that NO quality is lost.

You will also be able to make .mp3 files from the original, try and do it the other way around and it will sound just plain bad, low sample rates, no bass and cut highs!

So make sure that you get a beat maker that uses 44.1 stereo 16 bit .wav files!
2.    Another thing that you will have to watch out for is to make sure that the beat maker you pick can do more than just ONE bar. I see this a lot where you just get 1 bar and you will NOT be able to make a tune out of that.

All you will be able to do is have 1 bar repeating all the time! Not good in the event you want to obtain creative!

So make sure that you get at least 32 bars as a minimum with the beat maker that you pick.

That way you can be sure that you will be able to make a proper tune. (Try and make a progressive house tune with 1 bar!)

3.    Lastly when you start finding to grips with generating your own music you may want more from your beat maker and a brilliant way to do this is to check that you can parse and add your own sounds.

This will make your beats sound unique and is an awesome feature to have to make sure that your tunes never start sounding stale!

Above you have learnt the 3 most important issues to obtain you started and make sure that you get a good beat maker.

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