How to Make Your Own Hot Rap Beats


Does driving around the city and hearing those fresh, new, hot rap beat on the radio make you stop in wonderment?  What makes that beat so hot anyway?  More importantly, how can you begin creating your own hot rap beats that start turning heads around the neighborhood?

What You Need To Create  Hot Rap Beats

There are few things that you need in order to create your very own hot rap beats.  First, you need your creativity, a reasonable understanding of music and of course a computer. But then what?  How can you take the flow of ideas and put them into a computer, thereby creating your own hot rap beats?

As mentioned earlier, your creativity plays a crucial role when it comes to creating hot rap beats.  Your creativity helps form the basis of your music or your beats. Try thinking of a style of beat that has not been used much, so that when your beats gets produced, it will come out as one of the new hot rap beats of the generation. How cool is that? Something entirely unheard of, something new and fresh, your very own exclusive hot rap beats. And once you have decided on the style, you can go on to the next phase – choosing a good beat software program. One advantage of choosing good beat software to make your hot rap beats is that you can do it at your own convenience, without spending much money paying someone to do it, and in the comfort of your own home.

And, in many cases, you can pay for the cost of your software by selling one or two hot rap beats!  Then it’s your forever!

Making Hot Rap Beats

When making hot rap beats, you must also think long and hard about how you arrange your beats. Hot rap beats don’t just spring into existence, they represent a symphony of sound and ideas, and everything must go well with each other. So how do you assemble and arrange hot rap beats?  Here are some easy steps to help you:

  1. Kicking off hot rap beats with a drum pattern or audio loop is an easy way to start.  A MIDI Drum pattern usually works well, and ideally you need at least 4-8 measures of a length.
  2. Adding the bass to your hot rap beats adds a great bottom end – one that perfectly fits your style and song
  3. Add an orchestration to your hot rap beats. Orchestration is basically choosing instruments that go well together. Tip: use a ‘metaphor ‘to help you choose the type of instrument you will use. For example RnB metaphor will then give you an idea of putting something jazzy like a piano or jazz guitar strums.
  4. The whole song consists of an intro, verse, chorus and so on. All you have to do is copy what is needed to be repeated and if you want to alter anything in between, the chorus for example, you can tweak it in to make the song or beat is more dynamic. Just remember to be inventive and playful and do not forget how the notes and beats go together.

Arranging Hot Rap Beats

Now you have your basic beats. The next phase would be to arrange them so they really become hot rap beats. It is entirely up to your discretion as to how you arrange the beats, and the formation of the song depends entirely to you. But you must be mindful too of your listeners or intended audience. You should have an intro, a verse and a chorus, then you can then repeat certain beats or cut some out if you wish.  Remember, great hot rap beats are not isolated riffs or single bar beats, they form the entire song

So, turn on your creativity and let your imagination fly.  Create hot rap beats, assemble and arranged them to your heart’s desire!  Then Viola! Now you have your very own fresh hot rap beats! And who knows, if you’ve got some talent and a knack for this thing, you might be able to sell your beats online, maybe even earn a fortune and make it big.  So, if you are inspired to do it – get our exclusive software and start now! You never know, the next big hit and fresh beat could be yours, and you could become the king of the hot rap beats!

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