Hot Rap Beats- Make Money Selling

It is not rocket science learning make your own Hot rap beats that you sell, because the truth is, you have quite a fan of rap to know what kind of beats for sale. There is a major difference between beats you may personally like for yourself and the type of beats that people are going to want to buy from you.

That is not at all to say that underground beats won’t sell because they probably will.
It just means the artist you want to sell to  want to make money with music they do and the rappers who will make the most money are played in clubs and radio.

A hot rap beat has a few parts you should typically understand and I will show you a very inexpensive program that comes with the same sounds that you are hearing used by big time producers. The drums are crisp. They are usually offset by a long bass drum sound pounding behind them. The high hats, usually every 4-8 roll bar.
There are most likely about three separate background melodies that are each using different instruments or sound effects.
Start by just listening to your favorite song or track with a pen and paper to write exactly feel how many different sounds and melodies separated a whole beat.
Think about which ones are just effects sprinkled around in the beat and which ones are actually playing a definite rhythm.
In general, if c    is something right around in a rhythm that is different is usually only an effect or impact, but the sound of real instruments sprayed usually play a tune.
Then you want to get a computer program like the ones used to create beats that you hear new rappers over like Drake and Soldier Boy, who create these huge songs that sell millions of records from simply off their personal computers.
Here is a very low cost, which comes with the sounds exactly the same mixed properly hear the radio or in clubs.


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