Hip Hop Drum Beats – How Beat Started

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Hip hop drum beats are an easily identifiable part of the modern music industry.  Hip Hop is a cultural movement characterized by five key stylistic elements, including rapping, disc-jockeying, sampling, scratching and beat boxing.  At the heart of it all is hip hop drum beats, which are the beats that hold the entire genre together.

The Origin of Hip Hop Drum Beats

Hip Hop originated in the South Bronx, New York, in the early 70’s and was pioneered by Keith Cowboy. The use of drum machines in modern hip hop gave birth to Hip Hop drum beats, which are today the core of producing Hip Hop music.

Hip Hop Drum beats have been on the airwaves for a long time, since the 1970’s.  These Hip Hop Drum Beats are based on traditional African drums and is deeply rooted in African-American and African music.  It is also heavily connected to groups of people called Griots who are travelling singers and poets who have long been a part of this oral tradition. Hip Hop became increasingly popular in New York during block parties. These parties allowed DJs to incorporate popular genres of music, specifically funk and soul music. The DJs then isolate percussion breaks of selected popular songs in order to create Hip Hop Drum Beats which again soared in popularity. This technique known as percussion isolation is very common in Jamaican Dub mixes, and the main proponent of this technique is none other than DJ Kool Herc. Dub mixes have become popular with Jamaicans due to the influence of American Sailors and rhythm and blues.

Types of Hip Hop Drum Beats

Another technique called turn table includes drum beat mixing or matching, scratching and beat juggling eventually developed along with the breaks have created a base that can be rapped over. This technique popularized song remixes, which previously popular songs are combined with Hip Hop Drum Beats to give them an entirely different feel.

One hallmark of hip hop drum beats is looping another artists’ music or remixing one song into another. Looping basically means the repetition of a certain section of music or sound used throughout the entire length of the song or remix. Looping hip hop drum beats does not necessarily need any consent of the artist when it’s used in clubs or block parties.

Creating Hip Hop Drum Beats

To create Hip Hop Drum Beats, you need certain instruments, or better yet, you need to use something of your own, something like your voice.  Some of the instruments you could use to create Hip Hop Drum Beats are turntables, samplers and synthesizers, which are used in modern hip hop for disc jockeys and the likes, drum machines, guitars and pianos and most importantly a human to do the vocals, beat boxing and rapping.

Some famous artists like LL Cool J, DMX, 50 Cent, Jay-Z and even P. Diddy became popular  for their Hip Hop Drum Beats. Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Swizz Beatz, Busta Rhymes and Memphis have their own Hip Hop Drum Beats style too that made them known within the music industry.

Hip hop drum beats are just one of the basic elements one should know about Hip Hop music production. And since now you know where hip hop drum beats came from,

maybe it is time for you to step out and generate your own Hip Hop Drum Beats using our exclusive software.

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