Fun Songs For A Kids Karaoke Machine

When most people try karaoke for the first time they opt for a song that they can handle. It’s a far better idea to start off on the right foot rather than challenging yourself too soon. But eventually with experience your performance ability improves, and this will give you more freedom to experiment with different types of karaoke songs. Eventually you might find yourself looking for a bit of a challenge and that’s where these songs come into play. The following is a list of the top 10 hardest karaoke songs to sing, but keep in mind they don’t all makes the list for the same reasons. And just because they are a touch more difficult doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tackle them at some point. You can be sure that if you pull off one of these songs than the audience is going to go absolutely wild! So whether you are a karaoke veteran who wants to take on a new challenge or you’re just a rookie who’s curious, here are some of the most difficulty karaoke songs ever. Welcome to the Jungle – Guns n’ RosesOne of the most challenging things about this song is trying not to do it in the voice of Axel Rose. If you can sound like him that’s fine, but there’s a fine line between singing and screeching when it comes to this particular song. Even though this tune is going to get any crowd riled up you don’t want to stumble into the hard parts unprepared. It can turn disastrous pretty quickly so you have to keep on your toes especially during the fast parts.

My Heart will go on – Celine DionneIt’s not that this song is particularly difficult to sing although you definitely want to have a decent voice. It’s the fact that it is a really boring song. Don’t forget that this is one of the most overplayed songs of all-time and chances are the crowd isn’t going to be hopping to their feet once it starts up. And without the excitement of Titanic around this song, you’ll have a hard time keeping everyone’s attention for a full five minutes.

Bohemian Rapsody – QueenIt should be obvious why this is a difficult song to sing for karaoke since parts of it aren’t really a song at all. It’s all over the map and you really have to be prepared if you’re going to tackle this one. We’ve seen plenty of people start off well but then completely lose their place by the time the song switches gear for the third or fourth time. It’s also a rather long song so you’re going to have to be up there for quite some time.

My Way – Frank SinatraThis isn’t a particularly hard song to sing but depending on how superstitious you are it can kill you! You can read more about the karaoke song that kills.

Crazy in Love – BeyonceThe course to the song is an absolute killer and if you don’t follow along carefully you’re going to sound like a blabbering idiots. Beyoncé makes it look easy but that’s because she’s a multimillion dollar arsonists who has a great voice. This song has rendered many common people completely clueless when the course picks up and the pace builds to a frenzy towards the end.

Losing My Religion – REMMichael Stipe has such a unique voice that you are up against some pretty strong preconceptions if you choose to take on the song. Even if you have a good voice it might not be the right fit, and you could end up sounding quite silly. This is also a more somber song that might not be conducive to a party atmosphere, although if you managed to pull it off people are going to be impressed for sure.

Eternal Flame – The BanglesThere are parts of the song that are rather difficult and you really need to be able to hit the high notes. During one live performance and even Susanna Hoffs was unable to get through it without her own voice cracking, and it’s her song! Take on this one if you want, but don’t say you weren’t warned.

In The Arms Of An Angel Lyrics – Sarah McLachlanThis song is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever put together, and you are an absolute android if it doesn’t make you cry. But when it comes to karaoke, it has a lot of things going against it. The sad tone certainly doesn’t help, and you need a remarkable voice to pull it off. It’s also slow-paced and not something anyone can really dance to, so it’s best to stay away from this one unless you can think of just the right moment.
Livin’ on a Prayer – Bon JoviAnother song with high notes that can be killer to hit. Overall, this is a really fun song and if you have the voice for it you should definitely give it a shot. Bon Jovi and karaoke seem to go together because they both share that same cheesy quality that makes them a lot of fun. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a version of this song on a classic rock compilation karaoke CDs.

I will Always Love You – Whitney HoustonYou know the famous climax of this song because you’ve heard it a million times before. It doesn’t really matter how well you sing in front of it, if you can’t handle last “I-I-I-I-I-I……will always love you-uuuuuu” then your attempt is going to be futile. Make sure that you practice and that you don’t have a cold because everything needs to go right once you hit that point in the song.

Children absolutely love kids karaoke machines. During my many years in the karaoke entertainment business I have had the opportunity to perform at various functions where children were present. Invariably, before I can even get started, I will be swarmed by kids asking me about the songs I have and how soon they can sing. Karaoke has no age boundaries. Even children that are too young to read will readily grab a microphone and sing songs that they have memorized. 

A portable karaoke machine makes a fantastic gift for any child who likes to sing. Perfect for entertaining themselve’s at home or for taking to parties. There are many models available, from tiny “boom box” types, to large and commanding units. Some have a built in TV screen (for showing the lyrics) while others can be easily connected to a standard television.

The best kids karaoke machine songs are the ones sung most often at karaoke parties. You will find a large variety of the best karaoke songs listed below. These are the ones picked more than others, and loved by all. If you are plotting a karaoke party, you will need to have a selection of the best songs, you can easily accomplish this by choosing several of these. The best karaoke party songs for your party should certainly contain many of them.

Karaoke brings out the “star” in everyone, but these karaoke stars sing in different music genres. We have found a wide selection that covers all types of music genres, allowing your singers to find theirs easily. It is advised to have at least 2, if not more, of every genre of music. This is a excellent thought unless your karaoke party has a specific music theme to it. It is always better to have too many, then not sufficient. Keep your singers in mind when choosing your karaoke party songs.
Once you have located the best kids karaoke songs, you can get copies of them for your party. Because the format of the songs depends upon what type of karaoke machine you have, we have simply provided you with generic links to sites that offer karaoke music.

Here’s a list of some fun karaoke songs for your kids…

“Achy Breaky Heart” performed by Billy Ray 
“All I Wanna Do” performed by Sheryl Crow
“All My Life” performed by Kc And Jojo
“Always” performed by Atlantic Starr 
“Always And Forever” performed by Heatwave 
“Amazed” performed by Lonestar 
“Incredible Grace” performed by Elvis 
“Baby One More Time” performed by Britney Spears 
“Bailamos” performed by Enrique Iglesias 
“Be My Lover” performed by La Bouche
“Believe” performed by Cher 
“Bette Davis Eyes” performed by Kim Carnes 
“Blue” performed by Leann Rimes 
“Born To Be Wild ” performed by Steppenwolf 
“Can’t Help Falling In Like” performed by Elvis Presley 
“Celebration” performed by Kool & The Gang 
“Crazy” performed by Patsy Cline 
“Don’t It Make My Auburn Eyes Blue” performed by Crystal Gayle 
“Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” performed by Aerosmith
“Endless Like” performed by Diana Ross & Lionel Richie 
“Every Morning” performed by Honey Ray
“For What It’s Worth” performed by Buffalo Springfield
“Friends In Low Places” performed by Garth Brooks 
“Girls Just Want To Have Fun” performed by Cyndi Lauper
“Give Me One Reason” performed by Tracy Chapman 
“Greatest Like of All” performed by Whitney Houston 
“Heartbreak Hotel” performed by Elvis Presley 
“Hit Me With Your Best Shot” performed by Pat Benatar
“Hotel California” performed by Eagles
“How Do I Live” performed by Leann Rimes/Trisha Yearwood
“I Like Rock And Roll ” performed by Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
“I Will Always Like You” performed by Whitney Houston 
“I Will Survive” performed by Gloria Gaynor 
“I’ll Never Fall In Like Again” performed by Tom Jones Dionne Warwick
“It’s My Party” performed by Lesley Gore 
“Just a Gigolo/I Ain’t Got Nobody” performed by David Lee Roth 
“Kiss Me” performed by Sixpence Nome The Richer
“Lady In Red ” performed by Chris Deburgh 
“Let’s Hear It For The Boy” performed by Denise Williams

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