Four Spells to Make Learning Music Notation Effortless and Fast

Learning to read Music Notes is very essential for being able to understand Music Notes fast, and also improve sight reading in exams. There are four “magical spells” that will make it easier to memorize Music Notes easily.

In music notation, there are two Staves (or called Staffs in United States) – one for the Treble Clef, which is usually played by the right hand; and one for the Bass Clef, usually played by the left hand. Once you can recall any note on the Stave, you will know you have mastered note reading!

FACE spells could quickly remembered and correlate with Treble Clef notes. Treble Clef notes in the spaces (starting from bottom) are F, A, C and A

{Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit magical spells may be meaningful as well as assist you to remember Treble Clef notes in the lines. They are E, G, B, D and F.

All Cows Eating Grass magical spells easily to remember as well as assist you to remember Bass Clef notes in the spaces. They are A, C, E and G.

The Bass Clef notes in the lines are G, B, D, F, A. So keep in mind that Great Big Dog Fight Animal.

Test yourself on a regular basis by producing flashcards (a printed of a music Stave). Just simply flip the cards face downwards and one-by-one, go through each letter, putting where you think the note is on the Stave.

Those are the four spells to remember the lines and spaces of each Clef fast, and thus helps you to read music notes quick.

Wish you a good quality luck on your music notation endeavour

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