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In the SEO field back linking is among the most important assets available. There is a large market for SEO experts but most follow the same set of rules. Back linking is very vital but if used unethically it will cause a negative impact on your search results. Here are some ethical solutions used by the experts.


Most sites claiming to get you on page one of Google in a week will probably get you banned from Google. When Google indexes your site it will take your keywords and issue your site a page rank. To see if all the pages from your site was indexed by Google do a Google search with the term site: in front of your home page URL. For instance if you are checking to see if was indexed you would type There is no space between site: and This method will also let you know if your site has been banned by Google.


Before you begin creating back links, you should evaluate the back links that your competitors have for a specific keyword. If your keyword is church chairs, you should search that term and find out who is competing for that keyword. The search results are your competitors. You would then go to and put in the URL of your competitor and the results will show you the number of back links that are there. You can visit the directories or forums that your competitor as joined and join also.


The 3 easiest ways to obtain back links are directories, articles and social bookmarks. There are other methods such as forum and blog commenting but one article will have more power than 1000 comments on blogs and forums. There is a website,, that has a list of social bookmarks. You can create a login to each social bookmark site and then use a form on the page that will fill in the information that you want posted on the bookmarks sites. It is semi-manual; you will have to click on each site to post the comment.


This site has a list of directories. You can manually submit your site to directories found here. I would suggest doing a Google search for directories in you niche. If your niche is church chairs, you would search for furniture directories or religious directories. You can pay firms to submit to directories for you but I would not recommend it. If you are promoting an ethical family friendly website, your site might get submitted to a directory for pornography or adult content.


Writing articles are very instrumental. Usually you can leave your site in the resource box or author bio box at the end of the article. Any time that you can leave an anchor text, a text with a hyper link attached to your keyword, I would take advantage of that. This method helps you get to the top of the search engine for that keyword.


If at any time you buying back links, I would recommend having a professional do it. Getting your link put in directories or forums that has nothing to do with your site can be harmful. The automatic backlink creator can submmit your article to related catagories within your niche.

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