Dub Turbo

The music industry always witnesses the arrival to the market of new cutting edges technology. This time, it is the turn of Dub Turbo.

We tested it, and tried. We will discuss about the main caracteristics and capabilities of Dub Turbo. And of course, we will answer the question that must be in everyone’s mind : “Does Dub Turbo worth it to spend my so hard earned cash ?”

Dub Turbo has without a doubt made a lot of buzz around the music industry and DJ community, etc. In short terms, it has blown away every sound artist and musician around the world.

What is so special with Dub Turbo ? Why does so much people love it ?

Well, there is a simple reason for this : Dub Turbo is a software that has many more functions comparing to other beat maker softwares currently on the market.

What are the main functions of Dub Turbo ?

One thing that we truly loved is how Dub Turbo user friendly is. Even a complete ignorant to these kind of sound mixer and beat maker softwares can easily make his or her own music.

So this is not an awkward software with a hard learning curve. Whether you are a true begginer or a seasoned professional, you will be able to create everything you want with the Dub Turbo software.

Besides, the purchase of the software includes access to a step-by-steo video training. Really, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to create astonishing and vibing beats with Dub Turbo.

The interface is also really entertaining and complete. The 16 Track Sequencer will allow you to compose the best tweaked beats ! The canvas ( and dashboard) of Dub Turbo is truly a masterpiece. It’s very intuitive and simple to use.

And with the step-by-step video training included as a bonus, you shouldn’t have to make big efforts to fully take advantage of the capacities provided by Dub Turbo.

After that you finish your first track with Dub Turbo, you will quickly see a huge difference between the output of the software and other common sound format such as.mp3.

If you have been composing music for awhile, you may know that a 44.1K Wave file is way more quality than an mp3 file. Why ? Because there is more music to be heard, with no sound compression at all.

Dub Turbo works with this kind of format. Your song will sound as a very high quality one !

The beat machine of Dub Turbo is also very good. Not only it is very flexible, but it is also very easy to use. You can slow down the tempo if you want to fully concentrate of every note string for a perfect harmony. So, every melody that comes to your mind can be reproduced with Dub Turbo.

Last but not least, Dub Turbo includes a huge 4 octave keywords for you create astonishing rap, hip-hop melodies – or whatever you want ! Keep in mind that piano is a very emotive instrument and adding piano to your song can easily take it to the next level…

Dub Turbo is kind of an all in one solution that includes numerous of instruments and capabilities. Dub Turbo is definitely worth the money of every serious and motivated musician.

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