d’Mantans gang of Widows

Widowhood do not create problems to your job. Simply evaluate Okie Agustina (former spouse of Pasha), Ratna Damayanti (ex-spouse Rizky ‘The Titans’), Ade Bunga (ex-wife Andhika ‘Band’), Five Vi, also Christi (Krisna Mukti ex-wife) who established a band named “d’Mantans“.

Beginning from an absence purposeful due to the fact typically gather together, then popped up this idea. Not in search of experience, but to give their child, as they do not receive funds from their ex-husband.

“But and also a as well as then create a sensation, yes almost everything offerings for youngsters, since the device happened five among us really don’t get money by ex-ex tips that help a wider audience, expectantly,”says Five Vi when located in Adi Color Studio No.7 Jalan Kyai Maja, South Jakarta on Monday (5/23/2011).

For Okkie Agustina has ever released a single pull around the world had she manifested the audio somewhat. Except for others, before forming this guitar rock band has long been mastering singing beforehand, because of not discomforting to reside in he said.

Actually they resemble “Pussy Cats Dolls”, a group of girls vocalists who generally look energetic and pretty. Now “d’Mantans has produced one particular titled” Do not want the sugar “. It’s their desires for the arena can recognize their songs.

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