DJ Etiquette

DJ Etiquette

I’m going to take a distinct angle on the artwork of DJing. If you want to study to DJ or are on the lookout for a how you can DJ properly, that is going to be just as vital to you as mixing skills.Of the various blogs and writings about DJ tradition & all the tricks and techniques shared, there may be one subject that has not been given a lot, if any, attention. I believe it is one thing that almost all aspiring DJ’s do not even consider. Etiquette.I am positive that is true worldwide, however I can say especially true in the USA. Americans have a really difficult time taking part in a supporting role in an general occasion, or to a headlining DJ or artist. There are a number of issues that a DJ should understand and think about earlier than planning a set and performing.I will assume you aren’t yet a well-liked headlining DJ. For those who’ve gotten to that stage, you’ve got probably already practiced good etiquette & it has paid off for you. Congrats. For the rest of you, let’s go over some correct DJ manners….

1. Do not play popular tracks that the headliner may be playing later:Just do not do it. I don’t care how a lot playing this monitor might be an enormous ego enhance for you. You’re a heat up DJ for a reason. You are there to set the vibe of the evening to come. Opening units are nice in that you’re challenged to construct an awesome mix with songs that aren’t so obvious. This actually lets you develop your own style as an alternative of just relying on whatever is popular. Everybody goes to be banging those apparent tracks, so take pleasure in doing something unique. In the long term, your audience will recognize you from this.

2. Do not play your whole epic upbeat tracks:Except you might be headlining, or taking part in a peak time set, it is your responsibility to ease people into the night. If I have been taking part in a gap progressive home set, I’d be certain that my fastest BPM was the slowest tempo of the following DJ. If I deliberate to go any sooner (and I really useful only one or 2 bpm at most), I might do this in the midst of my set so I might gradual it down again by the end of my set.

3. Don’t crank the soundsystem, especially if the place hasn’t crammed up:As much as you wish to assume it is, sorry pal, this nite isn’t about you. Cranking the sound system early on is a rookie mistake, particularly if the place continues to be filling up. The last thing you want is to have blaring music in an empty room. Even when the place is stuffed up, make sure you nonetheless go away some quantity room for the headlining DJ. Apart from, if you are a foul DJ, quantity isn’t going to make you any better.

4. Don’t stop or slow down the track of the DJ earlier than you:Have you ever had this occur? The DJ after you is ready to go on, so you set him up with a good observe to combine into as well as a superb last monitor in your set. 1 minute into the track the next DJ slices proper into his first observe, not only breaking the flow, but additionally showing full disrespect for different DJ’s. Even worse is once they decide to gradual your record down and fade it out before it even will get started. This is poor conduct, and when you do that, you’re an ass. Let it play out, or combine into it. The DJ earlier than you performed this monitor to be heard, Not so that you can ruin.

5. Set all DJ gear settings again for the next DJ:Ever had the DJ earlier than you mess with all the EQ’s, monitor levels and cue? I have. It took me 2 full songs just to get things to a playable condition. This is just not cool & individuals are going to know that the following DJ feels like crap since you screwed him over. If you need to resort to this kind of behavior, you don’t have any enterprise in this field. For the love of God, return all mixer and tools settings to positions that make it simple for the subsequent DJ to sound good without a lot trouble. Turn the displays all the way down to an inexpensive level as well.

6. Know find out how to EQ for the place you’re taking part in:Very often I am going out and listen to local DJ’s & I am unable to tell you how many don’t know what is coming out of their speakers! Both the bass is so muddy there is no definition, or the mids and highs are making my ears bleed. Don’t be that person. As a basic rule, I again off the mids and highs to 9 or 10 o clock. It’s better to start out off a bit heat and slowly get brighter than to begin off assaulting ears from the get go. If you’re behind the speaker within the DJ sales space and all the pieces sound clear to you, there’s a good probability things are too bright. The extra places you play, the more you will get a knack for what sounds right.

7. Play for room dimension and crowd:Think about the scale of the venue, the group, the time you might be taking part in & the model of the DJ’s before and forward of you when selecting your set list. Don’t observe a “one set suits all” combine & THEN pursue a gig. There is a cause why some tracks are considered “big room” tracks. They don’t work in smaller rooms. Your “Tiesto” set is not going to work at your local bar. Grittier music with less reverb tends to work higher for smaller rooms, whereas lush reverbs and large melodies are inclined to do a lot better in big rooms.8. Understand how sound works:Perceive the stream of sound properly sufficient to avoid redlining & overdriving the soundsystem. Rookies are likely to crank the DJ mixer to max, then flip up the amp. Flawed move. Work backwards. No matter is instantly hooked as much as the audio system (more than likely the amp) can be turned up to a wholesome level. Next, the master on your mixer. then adjust the trim and faders, and for Laptop DJ’s, set your laptop volume. Every time you work your method back, ensure every thing is in the green. In case you see it hit the pink, again it off before going to the following piece of equipment. If you happen to comply with this basic rule, you can be plenty loud and have clean sound.

9. Do not make tune requests to other DJ’s whenever you aren’t enjoying:That is simply not cool. Even in the event you don’t like what the guy is playing, telling him what he should be taking part in isn’t ok. Then again, it does make sense to let a DJ know when which might be clipping the system or that maybe onerous house at 9:30pm at a minimal celebration is not going to work. That’s a lot totally different than saying “here, play this, everyone will prefer it”. The one time that is okay, is that if they lost their report bag or they are struggling so laborious that they ask on your help. Otherwise, go away him alone and let him/her do his/her thing.

10. Plan to indicate up early and keep for the social gathering:Do not present as much as a gig half-hour before your set & go away 30 minutes after unless you could have another gig the identical nite. Doing this exhibits that you are all about you and do not support the scene you are in. People notice this kind of behavior. Should you show curiosity in others, it is much more likely that they’ll show curiosity in you. Hang out, have a drink, mingle and dance. That’s really what these occasions are about.

11. Point out equipment flaws to the following DJAsk the DJ earlier than you if there are any issues with the soundsystem or equipment and share that information with the next DJ. Sabotaging a DJ to make your self look higher is so juvenile. When you aren’t able to rely by yourself skills to build your status, give up now. Do your finest to make the social gathering great for everyone concerned, not simply you.

12. Don’t, I repeat Don’t play a peak time headliner set for those who aren’t the headliner.. Period!This could go without saying, but if your aren’t the headliner, you ought to be taking part in your role. Not everyone seems to be a lead character. Study to play the best supporting position you can. Should you solely like peak time music, either discover a option to get your self headlining slots, or better but, educate your self by listening to extra music. Nice DJ’s listen to and appreciate a LOT of music. Displaying up together with your 10 largest tunes isn’t going to chop it. Big tunes don’t make an excellent set. Correct placement of mellow tracks, chuggers, surprises & the occasional huge tune goes to make you sound rather more professional. All these tracks you are chasing down from different DJ’s are the smaller tracks your neglected that sound large when performed on the proper time.

13. Prime quality files only:Don’t play low high quality mp3’s in case you are taking part in through a proper soundsystem. You may just sound like crap in comparison to the DJ’s who have top quality files. If you’re enjoying mp3’s, be certain that they’re 192 or above. Preferably 320. If the sound system is amazing, realize that you will probably be capable of tell the distinction between a wav or aif file, & an mp3. Your low quality recordsdata are most likely positive in your friends backyard social gathering, but Quality is very necessary within the clubs. Collect accordingly.

14. Know your songs:Don’t play tracks you just purchased. If you haven’t had the possibility to present the observe a correct listen & know the fundamental construction of the tune, you higher maintain off on that one. A mix will always sound higher when you are accustomed to the songs you’re playing. You should have a significantly better movement, and the group will notice.

15. Replace your catalog typically:You do not wish to depend on all of your outdated songs. Relying on the style of music you might be playing, folks may wish to hear one thing acquainted, but additionally be proven what’s new. They’re paying for you to present them something recent everytime. Even in case you are enjoying your individual productions, you’ll have to add new songs to your set & find a totally different approach to present it.

16. When your set is done, let the next DJ play:Don’t overstay your welcome. If you were given a 1 hour set, play to your hour and let the subsequent guy play. Be sure to play a correct song to set them up as well. Booth hogs are amateurs & a certain sign you won’t be requested back. Don’t do it.

17. The Golden rule:Don’t tweet about how shitty the DJ before or after you is. Even when he DOES suck, present some class. You possibly can inform your buddies privately if you have to, but don’t broadcast how much better you are. In case you really are higher, it will likely be evident with out words.

18. Read your viewers!If what you might be doing is not working, make a transition to another vibe. There is no level in alienating your viewers by strictly doing “your thing”. Then once more, if you’re an opener, do not assume there is something unsuitable because you don’t have a packed dancefloor. Individuals need a few drinks to loosen up. You’re there to set the temper, not blow the roof off the place. Act according to where the evening is heading.If I have missed any, be at liberty to comment below. Lets teach the rookies the way it’s done.

Happy music making!


ps – Here is a mix of mine in the event you’re questioning what sort of stuff I play. it is a bit older but what the hell:

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