Buy a Numark Mixtrack dj controller

Looking for DJ mixers might possibly be a time consuming task given all the competing software contollers available.

You most likely will be required to analyse your wants & needs regarding the functionality you want, the sort of media and whether you would like to have a self contained system or a software controller such as the Numark Mixtrack.

Should you decide to Buy a Numark Mixtrack, Here is what you should know.

First the mixtrack is a DJ software controller perfect for the beginner DJ but acceptable for the more advanced DJ as well.

This is an acceptably priced system with good basic functionality.

The Numark Mixtrack is a mobile DJs dream.

the control surface has a familiar layout and should be familiar to many a dj so if you are getting to know your way around, What you learn will transfer well to other DJ gear.

The mixtrack is a basic two turntable & mixer layout with two large touch sensitive Jog wheels, cross faders & line faders, controls for cueing, looping and special effects as well as controls for sync, stutter, pitch bend, keylock & scratch. It also has EQ, bass & treble controls. (sound good so far? Almost makes me want to buy a mixtrack dj controller.

The numark mixtrack dj controller has a double channel audio interface and produces real nice quality sound from it’s on-board sound card. It has RCA outputs for each track on the back of the unit and also has a USB port for attaching to the PC.

The numark mixtrack dj controller has no need for any additional power besides the computers USB cable. It also has a headphone & mic jack on the front of the unit..

The numark mixtrack dj controller comes with The Virtual LE DJ Software in the US & Traktor in Europe and Asia.

The numark mixtrack dj controller is full MIDI compliant which means it can be used with just about any MIDI DJ software.

The mixtrack works with both PC or Mac & does not require any software drivers. The USB connection makes it a snap to start using. It is truly plug and play.

The mixtrack is not designed as a professional system but in my opinion could be used effectively in a pro setting. The price is in the $230 range and can be bought at multiple vendors.

This is a deal and given it’s quality & functionality I would recommend this as a great unit for someone wanting to learn to use a software controller or even a additional backup controller for a pro. DJ.

If you want to persue DJing and you are set on buying a mixtrack dj controller, it would be advisable to acquire some training. The resource I recommend is called <a href=””>”Pro DJ mixing Quick & Easy”</a>. It is a good quick way to learn basic & advanced techniques and get you an the way to being a DJ.

So YES by all means buy a mixtrack you will love it.

You can find one here –> <a href=””>BUY NUMARK MIXTRACK</a>

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