Anggun Love Concert Star-Studded

No complacency is but one clearly held basic principle of best vocalist Anggun C Sasmi. Women born 29 April 1974 again exhibited her ability within the “Concert Love Anggun” in Jakarta, the other day.

Anggun Cipta Sasmi introduced 5 hits mainstay including Snow for the Sahara in Konser Anggun. Boisterous applause accompanied the performance Anggun at the moment, in conjunction with Sandy Sandhoro. Both work together while using the good, the level of singing is nearly beautiful extraordinary nan.

“He (Sandy) character voice can sing any style, I’m happy,” said Anggun reported by Celebrity SCTV Hello, Monday (30 / 5). In concert, Anggun accompanied several other musicians which include Appliances, Astrid, Yovie & Nuno, and others.

Anggun was shocked to find out some people climbed happens. Then they gave an trophy-sized large enough. The thing apparently certainly is the Platinum award for sales of Anggun’s new album, Echoes.

“Surprised and delighted. There exists absolutely never thought penjualam baseball has changed into a platinum album,” said the singer with released twelve albums.

Anggun next project may be a solo concert on October 10. He promises to do your on his father’s homeland in Central Java. “I plan to visited cities which have never been,”he concluded.

To get the Platinum Award, Anggun struggled implementing the one Only Love the album Echoes. Darto couple’s daughter Diane Herdina Singo and this also should remodel several times lyrics song sega’s also released in English version

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