Learning to Play the Chords

To learn reading the chords of a guitar, one must have the basic knowledge on what a chord is and how is it produced. Introduction A chord is a set of tones producing a melody and is played on a guitar. The chords of a guitar can be made up of different notes that are […] Read more

Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson – The Chord Workout

If you are like most beginners, then you are probably having difficulty with your chord changes. You can play the chord just fine, but when it comes time to Read more

I Would Like To Create My Own Musical Beats By The End Of The Day!

Do you happen to be somebody who really enjoys music but has in no way learned to play an instrument? Maybe you are the kind of person who is always idolized rock stars since they can play the guitar and they look really cool. Or perhaps you like to listen to the drums because of […] Read more

Learn and Master Blues Guitar DVDs Review How To Create Your Own Blues Solos

Learn and Master Blues Guitar Spotlight with Steve Krenz is designed to be an “in depth, step by step, course in Blues Guitar Playing – the real nuts and bolts and not just a couple of Blues licks. You’ll get what you Read more

Which smart phone works for you?

But unlike computers, which give you two main choices, Windows or Mac, smart phones come in four distinct varieties offered by several different wireless carriers. each platform – Apple, Google’s Android, BlackBerry and Windows Read more

More reasons to choose Beat Maker Download..

Looking for the best Beat Maker Download? If you’re looking for a good choice of music producing programs on a beat maker download page, this text is going to help you to make a decision on which one you should download. I am going to go over the variations between the better quality programs and the […] Read more

Learn To Play the Acoustic or Electric Guitar by Ear – an Intro

Jan 2, 2011 Steve Farmer Photo: Guitar – Petr KratochvilPlaying a guitar by ear is not as hard as you might think. after learning to tune a guitar, a few chords, and finger placement, you’ll be on your way. Read more

learning the guitar – Learn Electric Guitar Lesson ? How To Create Melodies And Riffs To Your Guitar Playing

Hi there dudes! We’re here at Learn electric guitar lesson. Now we’re going to discuss how to create melodies and riffs on your guitar playing. Guitar playing Read more

Learning How To Play Violin – Beginners Tips

Of all the musical instruments the violin is one of the hardest to master. The instrument has a complex nature that discourages most beginners from learning <a href=”www.howtoplayviolinwithericlewis.com”>how to play violin</a>. Before you begin, your violin lessons for beginners there are some things you need to know that Read more

Online Lessons for Guitar Playing

Tired of the old and conventional way of learning to play a guitar? Most beginners depend on self study. Yet they find it hard to create something out of completely nothing. If you really love to play the guitar but you don’t have anyone to guide you, the best advice would be trying an online […] Read more