Reach the Top Notes Every Time.

Although you’ve worked hard and expanded your range to sing higher notes, you may find that you can’t sustain them. Or if you’re singing a piece that has a lot of high notes (as opposed to simply hitting one and coming back down), your voice may get very fatigued. In both of these scenarios, your […] Read more

Hit the Right Notes Every Time

If you’re serious about singing, you probably want to improve your singing voice. If you’re a novice, it’s probably best to take at least a few voice lessons with a local teacher. A professional instructor can give you feedback and guidance you need to get on the right path. Before you can improve your singing […] Read more

The Beatles play Blackbird

Blackbird According to Wikipedia “Blackbird” is a Beatles song from the double-disc album The Beatles (known as the White Album). The song was written by Paul McCartney, though credited to Lennon–McCartney. McCartney was inspired to write it while in Scotland as a reaction to racial tensions escalating in the United States in the Read more

Getting Your First Gig

When learning to play any instrument, and not least the guitar, it is fairly common to imagine yourself in a position where you play to be heard by a crowd. From the moment you decide to learn the instrument to the first time you play a gig, you will picture the event in your mind […] Read more

Learning Guitar Online – 3 Useful Tips

Learning Guitar Online By Andrew Edwardson Traditionally, learning guitar was only possible via face to face lessons, or through the use of often times dull music books. You may have experienced those outdated chord and song books that were both tiresome and frustrating. Fortunately with the advent of the internet, guitar learning has never been Read more

The Best Way to Learn Guitar?

The advent of the Internet has revolutionized electric guitar teaching. Conventional beginners guitar instruction is starting to become much less frequent. Web based acoustic guitar lessons are becoming a lot more well-liked. Why is this move happening? Why are many people deciding on on-line beginners guitar lessons over trainer led lessons? Read more

How to Sing and Play Guitar Simultaneously.

It takes a lot of practice to learn how to sing and play the guitar at the same time. . Because you are working with one sung word for each note played on the guitar, you are in effect dealing with the same song played at different rhythms. It takes practice to master this challenging […] Read more

Learn to Play Guitar: Helpful Tips for Left-handers

Some people are right handed while others are left handed. There are some activities that left-handers can’t easily do especially playing guitar. But what if you terribly want to learn to play such musical instrument? Is your case a hopeless one? Don’t be downhearted because you can also learn to play guitar even if you’re […] Read more

How Different Genres Have Used Guitars

Some of the most proficient guitarists in the world are not known to many people, because their versatility makes them ideal session guitarists or members of touring bands. If you can play the one style, but play it enormously well, then you’re one of life’s band members. But if you can play every style to […] Read more

Make Beats On line – Selecting The top On line Beat Maker

Beats, particularly hip-hop beats, may be utilised in a whole lot of diverse approaches. The typical location you’ll obtain them is more than the radio. Regardless of whether they are being sung by your favorite artist are danced to in the club, hip-hop features a significant impact on your everyday everyday living no matter if […] Read more