Playing Guitar the Easy way

If you are quite the enthusiast when it comes to musical instruments and you have your heart set on that beautiful guitar you saw last week, better start brushing on those fingers. There are some ways you can learn on how to become an excellent guitarist. But first, the basics. First and foremost, you must […] Read more

So you want to Learn to DJ? Lear how to DJ like a Pro!

Posted By: Guest DJing has become a musical art form in its own right. If you want to learn how to DJ professionally there is a lot to learn and you will want to refer to some of the resources mentioned later in this article. However if you just want to learn the basics of […] Read more

Play Guitar Hero Games Download

Author: Sarah Brown Do you know that you can download and play Guitar Hero 5 on your PSP Go for free? Do you want to know where and how you can download Read more

Nice Guitar Gigs

I found some nice gigs on YouTube and I copy them below for your enjoyment: Happy (Travis acoustic guitar cover) by hardings930 Travis – Happy by DjKCraZy Travis – More Than Us DjKCraZy Read more

Karaoke Machine For Kids

Just about all children love karaoke. It is so much fun to watch how excited they get when they hold the microphone for the first time, start playing around with the controls and actually become part of the music. Kids just naturally love to perform and show off. And a karaoke machine for kids is […] Read more

Why is audio mastering important?

If you have read my last article, “What does an audio engineer do when mastering music?”, you already know what is involved in the professional mastering process. To re-cap what that article said to all who haven’t read it, the mastering process adds polish to your songs and makes them sonically cohesive. A lot of […] Read more

What Makes A Piece Of Music A "Good Song"?

Most people say that a song is good if it has a good beat. Do you agree? Why Do You Struggle with Rhythm? Even if you think that the words, the melody or the harmony (chords) make a piece of music a good song, you probably agree at some level that the beat is often what draws […] Read more

Musical instruments for your children

Music is the essence of life and I think that no one is untouched with this beautiful gift given to mankind. Even children also love to play music and enjoy it when they get a chance to do so. For this, you require various expensive musical instruments but what if you make your own music […] Read more

Learn Guitar Online with Jamplay

I found recently some interesting reviews on the Jamplay guitar lessons and I have decided to summarize the main points. JamPlay is a guitar membership site that offers high quality video guitar lessons with a variety of instructors. The site hosts a wide variety of content (more than 20,000 minutes worth) and you’ll find all […] Read more

Ways to Make Your personal Beats

Modern technology has efficiently developed various interactive software program purposes for almost each kind of want. For music fans, disk jocks, composers and musicians, you’ll find a number of new music softwares offered to aid them in creating beats for any certain tune. These programs have become their scratch pads for song ideas or Read more